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Many people have questions before reaching out to us to assess their claims. Continue reading to discover how our services can potentially save you money!


A Public Adjuster is an advocate who operates on behalf of individuals, families, or businesses rather than the insurance company. Their primary function is to represent and negotiate for their clients when dealing with insurance claims. Public Adjusters are required to hold licenses and adhere to state regulations.

No, only licensed public adjusters have the authority to negotiate and adjust claims on behalf of policyholders.

In some insurance policies, there are additional coverages that, when properly documented, may enable you to recover amounts exceeding the stated policy limits where applicable.

No, you’re not obligated to undertake property repairs or replacements to receive a settlement. Many clients have opted to receive a payout and forgo the repair process, a path we have assisted numerous clients with.

When you’re dealing with a property damage claim, your insurance policy typically requires you to substantiate your losses to the insurance company. However, many people are uncertain about how to go about assessing the extent of their damages. It’s crucial to note that the insurance company is only liable for what you can provide evidence for.

The insurance company employs various experts to evaluate the claim from their perspective, which might not always align with your best interests. A public adjuster, on the other hand, acts in your favor and ensures that you receive fair representation throughout the insurance claims process.

You have the freedom to choose the contractor of your preference for your property repairs. If you don’t already have a contractor in mind, we can assist you in identifying one that suits your specific needs. It’s important to emphasize that throughout the entire claims process, you retain the autonomy to select the vendors you wish to work with; it’s not dictated by the insurance company.

It’s advisable to enlist the services of a Public Adjuster immediately after experiencing a loss. Insurance company representatives may attempt to direct your claim in a way that doesn’t necessarily benefit you. By having us on the scene promptly, we can steer your claim back towards a path that aligns with your goals. We explore all available options in collaboration with you to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved as a team.

Our services never require an upfront payment. Instead, we earn a small percentage of your final settlement, which is only paid when you have received compensation from the insurance company. Our clients consistently secure significantly larger cash settlements than the initial offers from their insurance providers—ranging from 40% more to as much as 700% more.

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Very efficient and reliable. Easy to work with. All the work that has been done for us has been high quality with excellent customer service. 5 star!
Jenna Brown
Very excellent! Had the patience to explain and go over every detail with my husband and me! I would refer this company to everyone!
Sharon Walker
What can I say if there were a way to leave 10 stars I would. Polite Professional and knowledgeable. THANK YOU
Manuel Feliciano

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